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"The wild and pure passion of Nagwetch reminds me of Robert Mirabal's album Music From a Painted Cave, which was a best-seller for us. Silver Wave Music

"The songs have a mantric groove and a strong attaching power." The Carelian

“The ritual and spiritual feeling is freshly different. Contagious rhythms and melodies are plenty." Soundy

"With Wabanag, native music has no limitations." Faces Festival

"WABANAG, a nominee of the Native American Music Awards 2014 for the album BEMIA, and of the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2005 for the album ULODI, blends traditional music and contemporary styles. By mixing blues-rock with mesmerizing vocals and percussive grooves drawn upon a deeply-rooted spiritual essence, they bring the ancient and deep into live. Their powerful music is inspired by the Wabanaki  heritage of Canadian Nagwetch, a native of Gaspésie."


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