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© 2019 Aborigin RY, Finland

ORIGIN: Canada/Finland

GENRE: Acoustic Rock /Native/Aboriginal/World

SINCE: 1998



Nagwetch : lead vocals, flutes and native percussion. 
Jussi Nikula / Jani Takkunen: drums, percussion and vocals. 
Ivo Baric : bass and vocals. 
Juha Jokiranta : guitars and vocals. 
Special guest from Canada: Riel Huaorani : on hand drum and vocals. 



Native Rock 1998, Shaman Productions, Finland
Ulodi, 2004,Box-co/Aborigin, Finland/Canada
Bemia, 2013, P.M. Productions, Canada

Other :
Vieraalla Maalla, movie sound track CD, 2003, Universal Music, Finland
Happy Faces, Compilation, 2003, Etnokult, Finland
Cross Border, Compilation , 2003, Taru, Finland
Aboriginal Hit, compilation, 2007, Sunshine Records, USA

Album Ulodi :  Nomination  "Best Internationl Album" - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards  (Toronto, Canada, 2005)

Single Elnuagi: Nomination - Native American Music Awards (New York, United States, 2014).

Nagwetch & Wabanag :  Winner " Silver Arrow - Outstanding Contribution to the Native American Music Industry" -  Wind Spirit Entertainment (Boston,  United States, 2014/15/17)


"Wabanag's music is best described as a mix of traditional Native American/Canadian Aboriginal music and contemporary styles. The onstage storytelling skills of Nagwetch are truly mesmerizing, as his tales awaken the imagination. I recommend experiencing  a live performance of the band. It  won't soon be forgotten! ". 
Mike KEMPF, Chairman, Finnish Canadian Society

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